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Monday, February 1, 2010

Fitness Blog

I just started a new blog on my journey to health and fitness.  Right now, I prefer to keep it private and only available to a few close friends.

However, if you would like to follow it or find yourself in the same journey, please let me know!  I can send you an invitation to the blog.

I am currently on Day 1 of a 40-day diet regimen just in time for our trip to the beach in March.  Keep me in your prayers!

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Rezza Custodio said...

Heya Sam, pls do share your blog with me. I've enrolled in a gym lately, and for almost 3 months have removed pork and beef from my diet. Uh, so far, I've lost 2 lbs (eep), so I'd like to know how you progress and maybe learn something more effective! Love your blog dear!

My email's or

God bless you!

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