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Monday, February 1, 2010

Pro Prep Block

I have a tiny kitchen.  I love my kitchen but I always look for ways to maximize space and store everything I need.

Here comes the Pro Prep Block.

The website describes this wonderful invention as:

The Pro Prep Block is a chef's dream, offering a four-inch thick Northern hard rock maple butcher block top, pot rack, lower storage shelf, two stainless steel towel holders, and optional locking caster wheels—all in one beautiful package. The butcher block surface stands at 36 inches, an ideal height for food preparation. The pot rack, which stands an additional 34 inches above the butcher block top, features a stainless steel bar with hooks that can be adjusted, letting you keep your favorite pots, pans, and utensils within easy reach (pot rack is optional; please use the drop down menu above to add a pot rack to your order). The decorative under-shelf is made of individual maple slats and is a perfect place to store and display larger kitchen items. The stainless steel towel bars are great for hanging dishrags and kitchen towels; they also double as handles to use when moving the Pro Prep Block.

Look at this beauty:

The listed price on the website is really steep!  Over a thousand dollars.  While I don't doubt the fine quality of this prep center, I am wondering if we can find a local, cheaper, similar version of this in dark wood.  I really need one!

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