Sharing my faith and my life one day at a time.


All blog entries provided on this site are a reflection of my personal opinions only. My statements are not representations of organizations that I am currently affiliated with.

These organizations include, but not limited to:

Bridge Church

My thoughts and insights are also not necessarily the same as those of my husband

Robert Johnson

While we are the first to say that we are two completely different individuals with completely different perspectives, we have a common goal when we disclose our thoughts:
to humbly share what God is doing in our lives.

Furthermore, it is characteristic of me that my opinions and thoughts evolve over time -- depending on the seasons of my life and what the Holy Spirit is doing in my heart. I consider this as a consequence of being completely dependent on God's ever-changing plans for my life and trusting that they are always pleasing and perfect.

If I write something that blesses you and helped you draw closer to God, please let me know about it because it blesses me too.

If you have additional thoughts that you believe will help the content of my blog entries and consequently help my readers, teach me because I love being a student.

If any of my blog entries cause any kind of discomfort, offense, concern or false representation, I am hoping you to do the following:

1) Give me the benefit of the doubt.
I pour a lot of heart and thought into everything that I write. I take this responsibility seriously. I wholeheartedly assure each and everyone of you that my written work comes from a place of love. I will never use this channel to hurt anyone or cause someone's reputation to be tarnished. Therefore, it will mean the world to me if I am released from certain assumptions.

2) Bring it to my attention.
Feel free to challenge me, disagree with me, or let me know how harsh I sounded. It is okay to be honest with me. I do not consider myself overly sensitive, but I do appreciate correction that is done lovingly and directly. Go ahead: call, write, or e-mail me. Go to my Connect Page and contact me there. I really appreciate constructive feedback.

3) Love me anyway.

Comment Policy
I love it when you send in your comments here on the blog or on Facebook. It brings me so much joy when you engage in me. However, I reserve the right to delete any comment that is abusive, hurtful, insensitive, profane, and rude. I will do anything to protect the readers of this blog from any written insults. Thankfully, I have never had to do this and I hope I never will.

I am really grateful that you are on this journey with me!

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