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Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Personal iPad Review

"How do you like it?" is the question I have been asked a whole lot ever since I got the iPad back in April. I decided to do a review until several months down the road so that I can get immersed in its usability and really know what I like and don't like about it.

Let me tell you first why I decided I needed one.

1) My full-time job requires that I create updates in dozens of social media and bookmarking websites all throughout the day. I have gotten accustomed to bringing my laptop with me all the time to keep my tasks going.

However, there are a lot of times where I have already created massive content with my laptop and I don't need a heavy computer to bring with me as I become mobile to spread the word about what I created. My back problems have gotten severe because of a lifestyle of carrying around a heavy work bag.

Remember: I also carry a camera, a notebook and a couple of books with me all the time!

2) I have been looking around since late last year for a solution to my problem. These modern smart phones seemed to be the most popular and available solution except that I was not feeling the thought of integrating my phone with a complex mini-workstation.

I have never been a big mobile phone user nor am I great at texting. Blame it on never having a home phone until I was 19!

Yes folks -- I got through my entire high school life never having to be on a phone with a girlfriend or worse, a boy. The cell phone that I use today is the most basic you can ever see and will probably be like that for a while.

(Note: I laugh at the thought of my future children trying to justify to me why they need a cell phone while they are still in high school)

3) I found something more appealing than an all-in-one power mobile phone. I thought that the newest generation of iPod Touch will meet my needs.

It had access to Wi-Fi and add some more tools that will eliminate me bringing heavy documents and notebooks every day. I made a decision to set aside $100 out of my paycheck every month so that I can buy it.

(Note: I have never been known to drop hundreds of dollars for a huge purchase. I love "earning" my way to get it. Therefore, the process of setting aside money every month brings so much more satisfaction.)

Just in time for Christmas season, I have saved up enough.

As I was about to buy it, I looked at the gadget and put off the purchase. Every time I played with the model unit, I found discomfort in using a tiny touch screen.

I kept on saying to myself, "I wish Apple would make a larger iPod Touch." Then I'll be 100% comfortable buying it.

Until then, I'll hold on to my "normal" way of working. I guess you know what happens next in our story.

Around that same time, a rumor was strong about an Apple "tablet" coming out. I admit that the rumor hardly made me excited because I figured that it was simply going to be a mini-Macbook (sort of like a net book).

However, on January 27, 2010, Steve Jobs answered the longing I kept on saying to myself. He introduced the iPad and what unveiled was indeed a larger version of an iPod Touch!

My dear husband said he will add whatever was needed to my gadget fund so I can finally get my hands on one and start working more efficiently. And finally, I went out and got it.

After a lot of thought, I got the 32GB Wi-Fi only model. Why? 8GB cannot accommodate my latest photos and videos. 64GB was just too large.

It turns out that the size I got is perfect. I get to use about 14GB any given day. If there was a 16GB model, I would have probably gotten that one.

I also decided to pass on the 3G model because I was certain I was not happy with current 3G providers in the Philippines and that I did not want to stay connected to the Internet all the time. I know that this poses real danger to me as I know this might tempt me in being online during those times that I should be spending in prayer and reflection.

6 months later, I still cannot believe how I was able to work without it. I get to check e-mails, edit content, update social networks, collaborate with co-workers, and stay in touch with trends related to my job.

And on top of work benefits, it does bring a lot of entertainment in my down time. I get to watch my favorite TV shows, listen to podcasts, review sermon notes, track my food journal, play my favorite Plants vs. Zombies, and read on the Kindle application.

For iPhone power users, this piece of technology will most probably not serve any more purpose than the mobile phone does. However, if you are like me who is looking specifically for something lightweight with a big, gorgeous screen -- the iPad is truly a blessing!

Is there anything I don't like about it? -- NOTHING! This I promise you. Everyone has given me their 2 cents about waiting for the newer generation iPad with a camera and Face Time (estimated release is January 2011).

The truth is, all of my laptops have webcams and I can remember using it only a couple of times. I did not see the point of waiting for newer technology that I know I will not be using much.

However, if you are a heavy video chat user, you might want to wait until early next year. Until I have a good need for it, I decided that the basic one will meet my needs perfectly.

If you are thinking of getting one, I hope this feedback will give you a better idea on how the iPad will (or not) meet your needs.

Watch out in a future blog post: My favorite iPad apps!

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