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Monday, September 27, 2010

Going East and Then South ...

Robert and I are set to go on another road trip starting early Wednesday morning. Being on the road and going from city to city is something that I always look forward to because it really does amazing things to our marriage!

When I am with my husband inside a vehicle for hours, we get to do the following: play games, talk, laugh, reflect, resolve conflict, pray, hope, listen, and dream. I love it when God orchestrates trips like this because it gives the three of us the chance to re-connect and take a look at our commitment in making this marriage glorify Him more. If you are married and have never been alone with your husband outside your home for long stretches of time, I suggest that you give this a chance!

We will be in these cities in the next two weeks:

Kansas City, KS (Visit IHOP and good friends Nards and Pinky Payba)
St. Louis, MO (Visit good friends Adnan and Adisa Sabic)
Memphis, TN (Visit Every Nation Memphis Church)
Nashville, TN (Visit Every Nation headquarters and good friends Eddie and Amy Anstey)
Atlanta, GA (Attend Catalyst and visit my family)
Dallas, TX (Attend the wedding of good friends Danny Cawl and Carolina Contreras)

Please pray for us as we travel through the day and occasionally through dark evenings. We are excited, to say the least, about the days ahead of us!

This also means that the blog will be updated less often as I go off and experience & enjoy life offline. Sitting on a desk everyday isn't always a good thing! My online life will mainly consist of tasks that I will be doing for my job and probably a random status message.

If you would like to stay in touch in the next couple of weeks, you may always follow me on Twitter, Google Buzz or Plurk; or view my latest photos on Picasa or Flickr. I always reply to direct messages and e-mails!

See you!

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