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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine Weekend

Every year, I really don't know what to make of Valentine's Day. I don't dislike it. I don't find myself agreeing with the haters who would rather dismiss it as another commercial holiday. But I don't find myself emotionally connected to it the way I do with Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I am not sure if I even need to compare it with the bigger holidays. I just know this. The thought of going to a crowded restaurant with overpriced meals and difficult parking is not my idea of celebrating Valentine's Day. I am all for simple ways of celebrating my love for my husband.

Robert loves an excuse to demonstrate love. He loves Valentine's. He loves the meaning of the holiday. Because it means the world to him, I choose to celebrate it with him.

And I cannot imagine a woman who does not want to be romanced!

Our weekend was filled with quality time, laughter and little ways of showing how much we value each other! Thank God for a husband who makes an effort to make his wife feel special.

Here is how we spent Valentine weekend.

Walked around Eastwood City

Robert left a letter on my laptop

My sister Maia made this Valentine photo for us

Got a rose :-)

Watched Valentine's Day with friends

Wrapped a present for Robert

Wrote a card for him

He made me a great cup of coffee and a heart-shaped tikoy for breakfast

Robert was trying to hide in the bathroom waiting for me to be "surprised"

Another letter on my laptop :-)

Finally found the best burgers in Metro Manila!

Shared a cup of frozen yogurt

Posed in this cheesy Titanic poster

Attended Sunday worship service

Listened to Robert exhort the congregation

Had Cold Rock ice cream after service

Had Iced Tea Lattes at CBTL

Watched "Love Happens"

Had dinner in Astralis the following evening, the 15th (most restaurants are empty!)

Seattle's Best with friends Lille and Adam

How did you spend Valentine's Day?


irmaloveslife said...

That's such a fun-filled Valentine's weekend. How I wish all couples would be like you two.

Samantha Johnson said...

Thank you Irma! I wanna see pictures from your getaway / Jed's leave! :-)

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