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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Job Opening: Online Sales Associate (3)/Manager (1)

These are a total of four (4) positions open. They will be in-charge of managing's online sales. These are full-time, work-at-office positions.

The Online Sales Manager is responsible for all sales coming from online advertisements of the company properties. This position manages the strategic direction of the online advertising program and has P&L responsibility for this channel.

Compensation Package:
1. competitive salary
2. uncapped commission scheme for direct sales (estimated monthly commissions normally more than monthly salary)
3. overrides for managing teams and revenue shares for indirect sales
4. minimum 1 month bonus for meeting specific team and individual objectives

The Online Sales Associates will be assigned to one or more of the following tasks/objectives:
1. Meet specific individual and group sales objectives.
2. Manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns.
a. improve CTR by 100%
b. decrease CPC by 30%
c. improve PPC's quality score on our ads
d. identify more PPC engines
e. identify the best combination of keywords, ad text, and landing pages per PPC engine
f. identify 1,000 more keywords
g. identify 500 long-tail
h. fine-tune geo targeting
i. perform site targeting
3. Manage online/website ads
a. identify the best performing online/website ads
b. improve the CTR per ad
c. identify the best performing text and banner ads
4. Manage the newsletter advertisement campaigns
a. identify the best performing newsletters
b. identify the best performing combinations of newsletter, ad text and landing pages
5. Manage e-mail campaigns
a. identify the best performing e-mail lists
b. identify the best performing combinations of e-mail list, creative and landing pages.
6. Manage direct-mail campaigns
a. identify the best performing mailing lists
b. identify the best performing combinations of mailing list and sales letters
7. Manage the other campaigns
a. Conceptualize, plan and execute other campaigns that includes creation of ad creatives for:
i. radio
ii. tv
iii. mobile
iv. newspaper ads
b. Must be able to monitor and track traffic coming out of these campaigns
c. Must be able to buy advertising spots based on demographics and time slots.
8. Develop marketing and sales programs; and oversee the execution.
9. Coordinate internally with marketing, creative, call center and technical to execute all deliverables.
10. Monitor, recommend and implement strategies to improve key performance metrics, including click-through rates, conversion rates, average order size and ROI.
11. Conduct weekly review and ROI analysis of the advertising campaigns and track to forecast.
12. The work is approximately 10% night shift and 90% day shift.

Required Experience

1. Online Sales Associates
a. experience in PPC, online ads, print ads, TV or radio ads is an advantage
b. any sales or account management position
c. any writing experience
d. online marketing experience

2. Online Sales Manager
a. experience in PPC, online ads, print ads, TV or/and radio ads
b. any affiliate program management is preferred

Definite requirements for both positions
1. Must have passion to:
a. test the most effective combination of advertisement
b. track the ROI of each campaign
c. meet sales objectives
2. Be a highly-motivated self-starter. To be successful in this role, the candidate must be comfortable working independently to achieve a successful result with minimal guidance.
3. Be tech-savvy and have the ability to learn new concepts and software applications quickly.
4. Previous experience in direct response marketing is an advantage.
5. Strong attention to detail.
6. Strong verbal and written communication skills and be comfortable:
i. presenting in front of a group
ii. communicating with ad media sellers
iii. communicating with customers
7. Possess proven Excel skills.
8. Confidently handle multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines.
9. Possess proven ability to work with cross-functional teams.
10. Online retail experience a plus.
11. Basic HTML programming a plus.

If you would like to apply for this position, please send your resume If you know anyone who is qualified, please forward this announcement to him/her. Thank you!

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