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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Waiting For An Answer

I just got done reading "Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?" by Philip Yancey. I have been taking extreme delight in keeping company with God lately, and this book was a great companion in deepening my journey with Him.

If you desire to define the partnership we have with God in prayer, I recommend that you a grab a copy of this book.

Scripture has much to say about waiting for our prayer requests to be granted. God is not in a hurry, and He likes to teach us not to be either. Through requiring us to wait, He is able to make us more patient, more trusting, more self-controlled, and more compassionate. I believe that these wonderful values will not be built up if He answered our prayers immediately.

And when He does answer our prayers, it is important that we unhurriedly enjoy every second of His rewards.

Remember when they tell us to chew our good food slowly and savor every flavor? Take pleasure in enjoying God's answered prayers the same way. No need to rush through and move on to the next problem to tackle.

"Taste and see that the LORD is good..." according to Psalm 34:8. Taste and enjoy everything about Him!

Today, may you and I start with God when we pray -- find out what His perfect will is and how to get involved in it -- instead of starting with ourselves, unloading to Him all our desires and dilemmas. The change in perspective is amazing!

Have a blessed weekend!

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