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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What I Do: Press Release Optimization

In a previous blog entry, I explained the company I worked for because many people have been asking and I never seem to explain it fully well.
Now I will attempt to explain the important tasks I have to do for Why am I going to do this?

A lot of people want to drive traffic to their websites or blogs. Most of them want traffic to earn money online or just want some kind of attention.

C'mon let's be honest for a quick second, if you did not want a little bit of attention, you will not be writing in a blog... you will be writing in an old-fashioned, private journal. I am guilty of that as well! :)

From time to time, I will explain some of the tasks I have to do to drive traffic to our website. It is my job to help to drive as many visitors as I can in a day. The more visitors we have, the greater the chances of making money online.

If you want decent traffic to go to your website or blog, check in from time to time so that you can pick up some tips in attracting traffic, and eventually, more business.

Today, I am doing "Press Release Optimization." Let me give you the lowdown on this Internet marketing task.

The goal here is to create a newsworthy article that will be submitted to several Internet public relations websites. These websites will then distribute the news item to several Internet news websites.

There are a few, good PR sites that accept submissions free-of charge. There are excellent ones that charge in varying range of fees -- depending on the exposure that you would like for your news item.

Here are some good PR sites that you can check out:

Bottom line is, to get the news item to important Internet news sites. Why do I need to get it published? There are 2 reasons:

1) When the news item gets published to news sites, a lot of people will see the link to our website -- increasing the chances of click through it and going to our home page.

2) When Internet surfers "Google" our company name or any related keywords, our chances of getting on the first page of search results increase.

Remember this thought: Google's order of search results is dependent on the relevance of the websites. A website becomes relevant when a lot of other websites link to it.

When news sites link to our website, you get the picture. Here is a sample of one of our press releases.

Hope you learned something new today! For any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

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