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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A profound life-change

Let me tell how you how my life has radically changed in the past 8 months. 

After living in Nashville, TN for almost 5 years, my husband and I moved to Omaha, NE early fall of last year. This decision was a result of a lot of conversation, processing of thoughts, counsel, and praying for God's will.

All I knew back then was Rob and I were about to work alongside a non-profit organization called ABIDE. It has a crazy, wonderful vision that one day, in Omaha, NE -- there will be no inner city. I was not sure how it would look like, but (after a lot of hesitation) I decided to jump in with all the faith I've got (not a lot but there was a little something in there).

I think the most reasonable question after hearing such a grand vision is "How?" My quickest response to this question is: "One neighborhood at a time."

Abide's approach that focuses on developing healthy neighborhoods through four main areas: community building, family support programs, housing and partnerships. It takes an amazing group of people to execute all of these programs but I am happy to share with you one of these areas that we are directly involved in.

Rob and I get to oversee and implement several of the programs targeted to reach the children and youth. We get the blessing of seeing first-hand how these programs give hope to many young people who, by default, have been led to believe that the life set up for them will be either impacted with a dropout, an addiction, an unplanned pregnancy, broken family dynamics, or a crime.

Everyday, God presents us opportunities to usher these kids into a transformed mindset and newer level of faith. As we do everything we can to help change lives, I truly believe it is our lives that have been changed in the most incredible way possible.

Every week, I get to experience the joy of being with adorable, precious, honest, crazy cute children and share the love of Jesus with them. Every week, I find myself blown away by the incredible group of volunteers that I get to call my teammates. Rob has also many stories to share on the thrill of getting to play his role and do his part in making a difference in many young peoples' lives.

I do not want to be anywhere else but here, exactly where we are, today. God has put me in a place where I am humbled, disciplined, and changed every day. It is such a beautiful position to be in.

Today, something really exciting is happening in the city of Omaha. There is a 24-hour online giving campaign organized by the Omaha Community Foundation to inspire a philantrophic community within this growing city.

I am so thrilled that ABIDE is one of the non-profits that can benefit from this effort. I am writing this blog post today to present an opportunity that you can be a part of.

You are invited to give $10 to this campaign today! I am directly affected by your generosity to ABIDE because I get the funding I need to run an amazing Sunday School program for 75-100 kids every week.

It is super easy. Just click on the link below and you will see ABIDE on the list. Once you hit 'GIVE' it will take you to a couple of more steps.

Thank you for making it to the end of this blog post. I believe that today spells a couple of breakthroughs:

(1) I am able to share the joy of what God has been doing in our lives since we moved.
(2) I am inspired to write again and revive the amazing community I once had (and loved!) on this platform.

You read. You listened. I am grateful.


Myhiah said...

Samantha, that was super wonderful! Love you miss lady.

Samantha Johnson said...

Thank you Myhiah! You are an incredible, extraordinary young lady. I feel so blessed to work alongside you.

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