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Friday, April 11, 2014

Link Love: Instagram Prints, DSLR Camera Bag Shopping, Art, and Recipes

Here are some interesting reads/products/opinions that I have bookmarked on the web recently. Read through and enjoy! 

Kanvess. Do you want a print out of your perfectly square Instagram photos? Go to this website for only 25 cents a print! I like keeping these on top of a tray or decorated box for guests to go through.

Jo Totes. I am so wanting the Siena Leather Camera Bag for my Canon Rebel T3i.

The Bossi Bag. Another DSLR camera bag that I can't stop looking at. Only caveat: hefty price tag!

Kelly Boy. And another camera bag. I am in love with the lush caramel color!

Narrow Paths to Higher Places. A beautiful mom from Oregon named Alia Joy. She is a talented and honest storyteller.

Puerto Galera Sunset. I want a huge print of this photograph. This is the place and the scene where my husband and I first fell in love.

Easy Potato Salad Recipe. Followed this recipe and it was so good! Now that it's warmer, I can't wait to bring this to a picnic.

Chocolate Rice Pudding Recipe. I call this "champorado" in my native language. Giada's version is just as divine!

Top 10 Pastor Podcasts. Looking for new messages to listen to? These suggestions by Dave Ramsey might help.

Tidy Mom. One of my favorite blogs on home management, food, and photography. Packed with new tips every day!

Nicole's Classes. This photography website has been bookmarked on my laptop for a long time. Photography is one hobby I want to spend more time on and get better at. Planning to take a couple of classes in May.

How about you? Any exciting stuff you found on the web lately? Share it on the comments section.

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