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Monday, August 29, 2011

Let It Go ...

Someone driving ahead of you forgot to use a turn signal.

Let it go.

A guest failed to use a coaster for his glass.

Let it go.

The husband left the toilet seat up.

Let it go.

The person ahead of you is taking forever to order her food.

Let it go.

You chose the most thoughtful gift and you never got a thank you note.

Let it go.

Someone took two parking spaces.

Let it go.

When something you have "discovered first" suddenly becomes mainstream.

Let it go.

You sent an invitation for a meal in your home and never get a reply.

Let it go.

Your name was mispronounced.

Smile. Graciously correct. Then let it go.

You want to use that little blank status bar on Facebook as your current venting ground and hopefully get that message across to the one who offended you.

Just let it go.

If you want to be a forgiver of big offenses, be a forgiver of the little ones.

I am so glad to be back. How have you been?


irmaloveslife said...

So glad you're back, Sam. Great post, too. Thank you for the reminder. There are just too many "angry" people in the world lately.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! :)

gemma said...

this is so nice sammy :)

Samantha Johnson said...

You're welcome Irma and Gemma! And it's so good to be back Malou :-)

Hope all is well with you guys.

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