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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Performance-Driven or Grace-Motivated?

The world we live in today presents a culture that success is based on performance. If we work hard enough, we will get results that we deserve.

I believe in working hard. I love finding ways to be better in the way that I do my job.

What deeply concerns me is that how this mentality can easily translate into how I relate with my Father. This concern has made me vigilant on how my relationship with God is shaped every day.

Performance-Driven Morality Police


Grace-Motivated Christ Follower

1) Are you a slave to what you feel others expect of you?

2) Do you feel the need to make yourself available to every social/work demand that goes your way?

3) Do you compare your spiritual walk with others?

4) Do you exhaust yourself trying to keep up with every church-related activity that is presented to you? 

5) When you do keep up, does it make you proud of yourself and actually believe that God is more pleased with you?

6) Do you judge others who don't measure up to your standards?

7) Are you disappointed with people who approach life much differently than yours?

8) Is your identity defined on how much you are accomplishing for God?

I wholeheartedly believe in God's Word when He says that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. However, I understand the reality that we are not immune to getting caught up in focusing on our external spiritual appearance.

My daily prayer is that I will never believe the lie that God’s blessing depended on how well I do certain spiritual disciplines, such as having a daily quiet time and not knowingly committing any sin.

I want my heart to remain pure, that when I do things that honor Him, it is motivated out of deep love for Christ and what He has done for me.

Let's discuss:
Do you find yourself identifying with the questions raised?
Do you catch yourself stepping out of a grace-based relationship with God?


Diane G said...

"My daily prayer is that I will never believe the lie that God’s blessing depended on how well I do certain spiritual disciplines,..."

-- so true, and well said! gabe and i were recently discussing that regarding ministry, it's so easy to fall into that mentality that WE sacrifice so much and that WE work so hard so we DESERVE this and that from God. =\ kaya nga by GRACE not works so that NO ONE may boast, hehe. :)

Samantha Johnson said...

Isn't it a great reminder for all of us? :-)

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