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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gone Are My Sundays ...

Oh how I loved my Sunday afternoons!

Sundays (1pm onwards) meant a long nap and a time to catch up on my favorite TV shows.

Yesterday, those days are gone.

And it is gone for best reason I can think of!

We started our very first youth meeting (ever!) in Bethel Franklin.

When I was in high school, I wish someone reached out to me and loved me the way Jesus did.

I had a really rough memories with my "religious" leaders in high school. They seemed to be more concerned about my good works rather than the needs of my heart.

It really messed up the way I saw God -- thinking that He was like that with me as well.

I am grateful that He rescued me; and by His grace and mercy, restoration became possible.

I consider it a privilege to extend that same grace and mercy to today's high school students.

Being a teacher of Christ-like love puts me in the position of actually being the student.

A season of giving and learning.

Always worth losing Sunday naps for!

RUSH Franklin meets every Sunday at 6pm in Bethel Franklin
1753 Players Mills Road Franklin TN 37067

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