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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Different Christmas

I hope you all had a beautiful, wonderful Christmas -- in however way you celebrated it! Robert and I had a lovely time. I was happy that he is spending it with his family and in his childhood home after years of celebrating it overseas.

It was definitely different for me because I did not get to experience the usual Christmas traditions I have become accustomed to practicing in my 30+ years of living in the Philippines. Nevertheless, it was a Christmas filled with hope and possibilities for me!

The only kind of Christmas I really knew was the sunny, tropical kind. My idea of getting dressed for Christmas was to be in a cute, pretty sundress. What a treat to wake up on Christmas Eve seeing this.

I used to deplore snow and the general concept of winter being a pleasant season. Today, I am finding myself getting used to it and appreciating the beauty it brings to my surroundings.

It still isn't my favorite time of the year but I realized what a $28 (thanks to fabulous coupon combinations!) thick, down jacket can do to make me less miserable. I can, today, humbly admit that my dislike of the cold weather was a product of a heart that refuses to embrace change.

Our church had a solemn Christmas candlelight service. I have a funny relationship with Christmas songs. I find them too boring to play on my iPod but I do enjoy singing it with a body of believers who lovingly honor the birth of Jesus Christ.

After the service, Robert took us to a property in Papillion, Nebraska which is famous of its elaborate outdoor Christmas decorations. It was quite a fascinating sight! We saw gingerbread men, a choir, folks skiing, drummer boys, the nativity scene, Snoopy, snowmen, a carousel, elves, helpers, and even a moving Santa Claus by the door (which I thought was a teeny bit creepy because it looked so real). If you live in Omaha, this is worth making a trip to.

I love giving presents! Probably one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season (aside from writing and mailing Christmas cards). And I am not going to lie, I love getting them too! It's not really about what I get, but the thought of someone thinking of me when they see something. Yes -- I feel really loved that way!

And of course, Christmas in Nebraska is not complete without my MIL cooking a delicious lunch! She roasts the best turkey -- I promise you! You think turkey white meat is dry and bland? Wait until you taste hers! It is soft, juicy and tasty. Her turkey should win awards.

Robert and I would like to thank family and friends who have thoughtfully sent gifts, cards, text messages, e-cards and made phone calls to wish us a merry Christmas. We really felt your love and I hope we were able to express it to all of you how much we love you back. The true meaning of Christmas is most felt when God's children take their time to express their love for one another.

If there is anything I can pray for you as you usher in the new year, please send them over to me! Hope you all felt the wonderful love of Jesus Christ this Christmas.

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