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Friday, November 26, 2010

How Was Your Thanksgiving?

I just love a holiday in which the spirit of it is based on gratitude. With so much to be thankful for this year, Thanksgiving is my hands-down favorite celebration!

My strongest feeling of appreciation goes to my one and only Jesus who truly is everything to me. I cannot express it any other way than that.

My dependence on Him this year is like being hooked on an oxygen mask. Breathing through every second is so hard without Him.

While feeling this way might sound stressful to some you (because sometimes it is to me), I just love having this kind of relationship with Him. When He came through several times when I thought I could not hang on further, I cannot begin to describe the feeling this kind of love has brought me.

Trusting Him is so worth it!

And because of how He has brought me here today, I am grateful.

I am grateful to a husband who is also dependent on His Father so that he can come close to loving me the way He loves me. We have decided that we will make it a tradition to go out on a romantic date the evening before Thanksgiving.

If you are married (or believing you will be in the future), this is a good tradition to start before a hectic day with the family that usually comes with the actual Thanksgiving day. The quality time allows us to focus on each other and express what we are grateful for.

I am so thankful for all the food we ate yesterday. My mother-in-law's turkey recipe is still the one to beat!

I am grateful that we have other friends that are like family to us. Being a 34-year-old Filipino in the Midwest can sometimes be lonely.

I also miss my friends in the Philippines who we get to spend Thanksgiving with over there. We usually dress up and eat in Shangri-La's HEAT buffet.

And of course, I miss my family. I pray everyday that they are safe and healthy. Nevertheless, I am thankful for their presence in our lives even though they are so far away.

How about you: How was your thanksgiving?


valerie said...

That salad looks deLISH!
Also, I thought that pic of your husband at the end was long hair! But it was his scarf...great post. Love this blog!

Samantha Johnson said...

Hello lovely Ms. V!

Are you talking about the noodles? It's called "pancit." :-)

Funny comment about my husband having Bob Marley-looking hair.

How was your Thanksgiving?

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