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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Food in Kansas City

My previous blog post talked about the wonderful time I had in Kansas City for the Women of Faith conference. I also enjoyed the breaks of the conference.

Why? My husband took me out on dates during those times! There were two dining places that I believe were highlights of our dates.

I loved them so much that I am excited to share them with you today -- just in case you find yourself in Kansas City in the near future!

First, let me tell you about Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue. Kansas City is famous for its barbecue and when we were asking around, this came highly recommended by our good friends. While I do not believe there is a universal "best barcebue" (people have different tastes!) -- this restaurant is definitely on top of that list.

We ordered a Dinner for Two Special which really felt like should have been dinner for four! We ordered the beef rack slab -- which were eight dinosaur-sized ribs. Perfect for beef lovers like us. Yes, it was falling off the bone!

We picked great sides to go with the ribs: hickory pit beans, cheesy corn bake, and cheesy potato bake. Beans are definitely a non-negotiable for me when it comes to eating ribs. I just love beans! However, I don't think it was a good idea to order both the cheesy corn bake and cheesy potato bake. It was just too rich to take in both! We should have picked one of them and then went for steamed vegetables.

I had a special request to Robert as to where to go for dessert. I read about Glace Artisan Ice Cream and knew it was only available in Kansas City.

The reason I wanted to try it was the interesting selection of flavors. Definitely not your usual supermarket-bought ice cream! Take a look at few of the flavors available: roasted apple, bananas foster, caramel pecan, cream cheese, goat cheese with pear compote, green apple sorbet, maple walnut, and peanut butter chocolate.

Their "single" serve was a lot and we were allowed to pick 2 flavors in one serving. I sampled most of the flavors because I wanted to be sure I got something I liked. I am so easy to please but I must say -- the goat cheese ice cream tasted rather unpleasant! They should learn a thing or two on how to make a good cheese-based ice cream from Selecta.

(To those who do not live in Manila, Selecta is an ice cream brand whose bestselling flavor is Quezo Real. A coconut flavored ice-cream generously sprinkled with cheese cubes. It might sound a little gross but trust me -- it's really good!)

I ordered a combination of caramel pecan and vanilla bean -- and that worked out really well for me! Robert ordered maple walnut which was really good too!

Another thing to love about Glace: it's blue and brown packaging! A color combination that I am forever drawn to.

How about you:
 Have you discovered any new restaurants in the recent past? Please post your recommendations!

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