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Friday, October 15, 2010

My Favorite iPad Applications

It is no secret that the iPad has made my life much easier as I have stated in a previous blog entry. Today, I am excited to share with you my favorite applications (also known as "Apps"). You will know why an organized nut like me loves this piece of technology so much!

1) Mail
I have different e-mail addresses for different sets of correspondence: personal, business,, online subscriptions/purchases, and ministry. The Mail app connects to all five e-mail servers and I can easily check all unread e-mails in one place but still presented in a compartmentalized manner.

2) Calendar
I have used the calendar on Microsoft Outlook for years and it has served me well. However, I have decided to transfer my date book to the Calendar App because of my more mobile lifestyle. I still have the option of synchronizing it with Outlook although I prefer to use the app as standalone for now -- which works perfectly!

3) To Do
The best to-do list application I have ever used. Trust me, I have used both paper and web-based tools. The tabs and colors are a dream to work with!

4) Notes / iDo Notepad / Chronicle
These applications have taken my frequent note-taking habits to a digital and more organized level. Once again, the keyword is compartmentalized. I use Notes for random ideas, thoughts and information that needs to be filed later. I use iDo Notepad for all sermon and conference notes. Chronicle is a password-protected journal for my private exchanges with God.

5) Bible
I have Bible applications for different translations: The Message, TNIV, NIV, NLT, and ESV. Carrying my Bible has never been easier on my already strained back. I love that I can interact with it by being able to neatly highlight verses and write notes on them. It just looks way cleaner doing it digitally than on paper. (Although I will forever love my torn Women's Devotional Bible in NIV).

6) Twitter
Twitter is my primary tool in socially connecting with my friends on the web. I use it more than any social networking site out there. I have tried different applications such as Tweet Deck, Twitterific, and Tweet Flow. However, nothing compares to the application that Twitter itself made -- the single, linear format that I have grown to love!

7) PDF Reader Pro
This wonderful app keeps all of my PDF documents that I need to go over. I have tons of e-books, articles, and book summaries that I need to proofread for work. I have copies of contracts, resumes, and personal information that I saved in PDF -- just in case an emergency situation requires these documents. I also keep free Bible study resources that I find valuable. I also have workout guides kept in this application -- which is convenient to refer to when I suddenly have some free time.

8) Pandora
Pandora is a personalized Internet radio service that helps me stumble upon new and old songs based on the songs I currently like! It is literally like having my own radio that plays only the songs I want to hear. I keep it on when I am getting ready and I tune in to the "Sleep" radio station when I need white noise when hitting the sack. The only thing that makes me sad is that this service is not available in Manila.

9) ABC Player
How can I not love an app that plays my favorite TV shows: Brothers and Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Modern Family, No Ordinary Family, What Would You Do? and 20/20. It plays the all the episodes any time I want as long as I have an Internet connection. No need to download or buy from iTunes. However, like the Pandora, it only plays in the United States.

10) Amazon Kindle
I love to read and I have always to own a Kindle. However, getting an iPad allowed me to enjoy the features of a Kindle without purchasing an additional device. I still have a lot of physical books on my shelf that needs to be read but new purchases have all been done with the Kindle. I have discovered the Kindle versions of books help me save up to 30%. Hurray for instant savings and less book shelf clutter!

11) NewsRack
Blogs have become an important source of information alongside traditional news. I keep up with my favorite blogs through Google Reader. The beauty of NewsRack is that it synchronizes with all my saved feeds on Google Reader and it appears on this application immediately. I can now read these blogs without having to turn on my laptop!

12) Words With Friends
I am not naturally competitive but I do enjoy the thinking process of word games. Being able to do that with friends all over the globe is pretty neat to me! Are you on WWF? Add me (happysammy) and let's start a game!

13) Plants vs. Zombies
Pop Cap develops the best games, don't you think? PvZ is my go-to game for relaxation. Yes, it relaxes me! I jokingly call it the "marriage wrecker" because Robert and I fight over who gets to play it.

If you are on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, what are your favorite applications for productivity and entertainment? I would love to know what they are!

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