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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Book Review: Mystically Wired

I just got done reading Ken Wilson's book "Mystically Wired: Exploring New Realms in Prayer." My gratitude goes out to Thomas Nelson's review program for allowing me to enjoy a copy of this book.

The author's central message in this publication states that our brain is designed to instinctively tell our body that we need prayer in order to function better. While this was a fascinating perspective to me, I found myself stumbling through the first few chapters with a lot of difficulty.

It was not because I had problems with what Wilson was trying to say. At that point, there was just too much analysis of neuroscience. I could not connect with the language being used.

As I read further, I clearly knew this was not one of those "prayer books" I have come to expect from most Christian authors who talk about this subject. There is nothing wrong with that. A fresh perspective on the function of prayer is always something I look forward to.

The author makes compelling statements that prove that a brain's activity is to induce a person into a state of prayer because it is good for his physical self. The discomfort that I feel with this method of "exploring new realms in prayer" is that I am not that excited at the thought of manipulating the functions of my brain in order to produce stellar results in my prayer life. I am keeping an open mind on some of the recommended activities on being still and developing focused attention. However, I will also continue to enjoy my frequent moments of connecting with the Lord in the its most organic manner.

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