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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Charice on Oprah

Filipino singer Charice made her third (?) appearance on Oprah yesterday. Watching her blossom into the confident, bubbly pop star that she is today makes me so proud.

Here are some scenes from yesterday's show.

Here are some thoughts from yesterday's Oprah episode.

Justin Bieber was the first guest. I consider myself in touch with pop culture. I've been seeing the trending topics on Twitter. But I never really knew the magnitude of Justin Bieber's popularity until yesterday.

However, I still think Joey McIntyre is way cuter than him.

Justin's mop-style hair does not move! He dances and moves all over the stage and yet his hair stays in place. I wanna know what product he is using.

Charice's new song "Pyramid" sounds so fresh, well-produced and catchy. It's about time she sang an age-appropriate song. While I appreciated the range of her vocals in the Whitneys, Celines and Mariahs -- this youthful pop song was just what she needed.

I started crying seeing music producer David Foster get choked up like a proud daddy. Charice grew up without a father. I was so happy to see a male figure in her life who really believes in her.

I bought her album on iTunes out love and support for her. I am so glad for the exposure she got on Oprah and for being on the starting page of the iTunes Store. I hope this will help her album sales.

To my fellow Filipinos, if you want to listen to her music, please BUY her album. Please don't download and try to cheat your right into listen to something she worked so hard for.

Her CD should be out in the record stores. You can also buy it directly from iTunes.

If you want to see her live performance on Oprah, please click here. You will be proud of her!


Honney said...

Hi, Sammy! I often see Pastor Robert at church every Sunday, but I haven't seen you in person yet. Hope to see and meet you in the coming weeks. Have a blessed day ahead! Btw, I followed you on Twitter!

Samantha Johnson said...

Hope to see you when we get back to Manila! :-)

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