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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

12 Best Drugstore Makeup Finds

A lot of ladies out there will probably agree that we all can't afford pricey department store makeup at most times. I personally do not have a big budget to work with when it comes to cosmetics.

That's why it brings me so much joy when I stumble upon a great product from U.S. drugstores that works wonderfully -- and not spending a lot in the process! I have tried and tested LOTS of drugstore makeup since 1997 and I have found true gems among the long aisles.

Here are the top twelve items in the drugstore makeup aisle that have served me well throughout the years.

1) Revlon ColorStay Lipliner ($6.94)
This lip liner's Nude shade is the best neutral color for most lips. I use this after I exfoliate and condition my lips. I put on the lip liner and it stays put throughout the day -- even when my lip stick fades.

2) Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss ($5.94)
I have been a big fan of the Super Lustrous line since my high school days. The lip stick is great but when it came out with the lip gloss, I was hooked. I prefer applicator-based glosses instead of tubes -- and it does come out with a good applicator. The love the colors that are available in this line.

3) Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Bronzer ($12.97)
I must have bronzer on me all the time. Why? Using merely translucent or pressed powder does not appear well on camera. It looks flat and one-dimensional. Bronzer makes my skin look healthier and more natural on photographs. I find that a matte finish in a medium shade works best for me. While most bronzers have shimmer in it, this one doesn't and it gives me a fresh glow.

4) Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Gloss ($8.26)
One of the best-smelling lip glosses I have come across. It smells sweet and fruity. I use this when I go for a high-shine look. My lips look so healthy and soft with this product.

5) Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Duo ($7.47)
There are times I love putting on eye shadow and there are days when I feel it's just too much work but I still want to look polished. These sets of eye shadows (two for each palette) is perfect on those lazy days. Super blendable and so many neutral colors to choose from. My eyes never have to go naked again.

6) L'Oréal HIP High Intensity Pigments Concentrated Shadow Duo ($6.78)
I love highly-pigmented eye shadows especially on occasions where I like to put on a smokey eye. However, I cannot afford a MAC eye shadow most of the time. The HIP line is an awesome alternative to accomplishing the bold eye. The texture is rich, silky and crease-free.

7) L'Oréal True Match Super Blendable Blush ($8.47)
This cheek blush truly lives up to its name. It comes in powder form and its texture creamy and easy-to-blend. This is by far the best drugstore blush out there.

8) L'Oréal Colour Riche Lipcolour ($5.00)
One of the creamiest lipsticks out there. The colors are rich and it leaves my lips moisturized. This lip stick is my favorite item to use on date nights or special occasions. Bonus: every lip stick has a matching lip liner and lip gloss!

9) Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush ($5.94)
I have tried a lot of spreadable cheek tints out there and most have disappointed me. This blush in mousse form is still the most reliable product I have used on days when I want my cheeks to like they were just naturally pinched. I love this so much that I used the Bronze shade on my wedding day.

10) Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Washable Mascara ($6.94)
Do you remember the all-time classic Great Lash Mascara? Maybelline now has something even better. The Lash Stiletto Mascara came out in 2008 and has been my go-to mascara ever since. The result of this lovely wand? Long, separated, glossy lashes.

11) Almay Intense i-Color Shadows ($5.96)
For eye shadow trios, Almay's Intense i-Color line offers the best color combinations. It is supposed to bring out the intensity of different eye colors but I got the ones for blue and gray eyes as well. Super easy-to-blend!

12) Cover Girl Lipslicks Lip Gloss ($3.94)
Do you like using a lip balm / gloss that improves the appearance of the color of your lips? This product just does that. I have been using it for over 15 years and I always have one in my makeup bag. So reliable on needed touch-ups and moisture.

Watch out for my next "drugstore" list on skin care products! Have a beautiful day!


Liz said...

great list! i might try some of them. thanks for sharing. i love drugstore makeups as well :)

Samantha Johnson said...

Glad you liked it! The drugstore makeup aisle brings so much happiness!

admin said...

i love lip slicks! it's the best lip gloss ever :)

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