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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From Claire Cloninger

Wonderful insight on seeking solitude.

Help me not to fear the solitude you call me to each day, but to flee to it. Help me to see that you are moving me into life-enhancing experiences if I will just cooperate with your grace and stop straining against the current of your will for me.

You want to save my life -- my real life, not this false, self-conscious, compulsive shell. You want to save the me that is really you-in-me.

But to get to the real me, you must strip away this shell of fears and fantasies and fickle distractions.

The preoccupations with working and eating and seeking the approval of others.

Somewhere underneath this gaudy outer garment is the serene beauty of the possible me.

How I yearn toward that reality, O Lord. But first I must be still and let you operate.


Anonymous said...

that was great...thanks for sharing! :) I hope you and rob are having a blast in singapore!

Samantha Johnson said...

we are having an awesome time! miss you guys + big group + real life feeding + draft! hope you take pics!

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