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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My June So Far

Summer staff getaways are mandatory for Filipino organizations. They call it "summer company outing."

Victory Christian Fellowship (Fort) had a day-long "outing" in Laguna. I chose not to swim but instead stay inside an air-conditioned room and play UNO with Robert, Teri and Mich.

From Victory Staff Outing

One of my closest friends -- Michelle Nocon -- was in town for a visit. One of the things I truly love about her is that no matter the distance, she makes an effort to stay in touch.

And when she is in town, she will always say "I want to spend time with you." And to me, nothing communicates love better than quality time.

From Lunch with Mike and Michelle

Had dinner for Teri Sambajon's birthday. Teri is Victory Fort's worship leader. I love her and I think she is one of the most beautiful women I know.

From Teri Sambajon's Birthday Dinner

We participated in Operation Overdrive. This is a morning where members of the church were assigned key places in the city of Metro Manila and spend time praying for these assigned places.

It is such a blessing to pray among friends for a city that God wants to transform!

From Operation Overdrive

Robert was honored to be a "ninong" when Troy Maximus Ignacio and Anna Daniella Moran were dedicated to the Lord.

From Troy Maximus Ignacio's Dedication

From Andi Moran's First Birthday and Dedication

How about you? How is your June so far?

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