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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kris Allen

I wanted Allison Iraheta to win Season 8 of American Idol. However, she got eliminated 2 weeks early.

I know she will be signed and will buy her CD anyway.

I watched the finale enjoying the performances but not really rooting for either Adam Lambert or Kris Allen.

Robert and I thought Adam had it in the bag. But when we watched the final performances, we knew that Kris became a real threat and it wouldn't become a landslide like everyone predicted.

When the winner was announced, I found myself extremely happy with the results. I was still stunned and would probably be just as happy if Adam won, but I knew Kris had every right to win the title as much as Adam did. And to credit Adam, I was extremely impressed on how he handled the announcement with grace and class.

Let me share with you a video of Kris. Definitely not the most popular one. It only had 300+ views when I first viewed it. His Idol songs usually generate hundreds of thousands of views, if not millions.

But there is nothing more beautiful than a person unabashedly worshipping his one and only Father. It just brings a smile to my face seeing that God catapulted him in a platform where He will use him to influence a lost nation.

Here is Kris Allen singing "God of this City" by Chris Tomlin.

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