Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's My RealAge?

I found out about RealAge.com when I saw a part of the Best Life Series on Oprah. It is a comprehensive health test that determines the real age of your body based on how you have treated it from the time you were born.

A Spanish proverb said "A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools." I decided to take the test so that I can make immediate changes on the way I take care of my body.

After answering the questions online, I found out that my "real age" is:

From RealAge

While my calendar age is 32.9, my "real age" is 37.3. A +4.4 difference. Here are the recommendations to make myself "younger."

1) Get my HDL and LDL cholesterol checked

2) Reach out to more friends (While I truly love being available to help anyone, I admitted that I have very few people in my life who check on me -- which I would rather blame myself for)

3) Own a pet (I disagree on this one. They say a pet reduces stress. I think home training, picking up poop from the floor, pet care expenses and giving an animal a regular bath are very stressful activities)

4) Keep diversity in my diet

5) Take Vitamin E supplements

6) Cut down on red meat

7) Boost my Omega-3 intake (This means eat more fish! No problem with that!)

8) Pump up the potassium (I hate bananas)

9) Have some more fruit (Not a big fruit fan either. But I LOVE my veggies)

10) Eat more grains (I guess bleached white rice doesn't count hahaha)

11) Shed extra weight (Fo sho!)

How about you? What's your "real age?"

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