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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Month to Live Challenge

Robert and I attended a Sunday service of Southpoint Community Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Southpoint is part of the Every Nation worldwide family of churches we belong to.

During the Sunday message, Pastor Russ Austin challenged everyone to think about getting the book "One Month to Live" by Kerry and Chris Shook.

The book poses the question to the reader: How would I live if I only had 30 days left on earth? Pastor Russ gave a bigger, more challenging question: How would I live if I knew I was meeting Jesus in thirty days?

Rob and I were inspired by this question and decided to get the book. We agreed to start the One Month to Live challenge on August 1st.

I will blog on this challenge daily and see if I would do things any differently. This involves not only the spiritual area of my life, but also how I would take care of my body, how I would react to certain situations, people I have to see, and maybe a couple of things from my bucket list.

Same posts will also be seen in our Carried to Completion blog. I encourage you to do the same and exchange questions, thoughts and insights along the way.

May you be blessed today!

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