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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Georgia On My Mind

When I was in my grade school age, my fondest memories were playing and spending time with my cousins Nick, Cathy, Dino and Chris (children of my mom's younger brother).

The last time I saw them was back in 1999 in Decatur, Georgia and I have fond memories of that summer.

Now, in July 2008, I had the pleasure of going through Snellville, GA (near Atlanta) and spend some good quality time with them, along with my Abuelita (grandmother) and Tito Ramon and Tita Lorna.

I was blessed to witness another round of incredible hospitality. Tita Lorna cooked ALL THE TIME to make sure our tummies were full.

And then Tito Ramon and Tita Lorna INSISTED that we sleep in the master's bedroom and they slept in the couches in the living room.

I am sure Pinoys will agree with me that there is nothing like Filipino hospitality! I am grateful to God for showing me excellent examples of hospitality.

I have always told Robert that one my of my biggest dreams is to own a large brick house colonial-style house that has lots of bedrooms so I can open my doors to family and friends who need "getaway time."

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