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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My New Canon PowerShot G9

I am so happy because I have been wanting this since August of 2007! My dad went to Hong Kong last week and he said he will get me one and we will split the cost.

When I found out my dad went out and got one, I seriously went to my room and prayed "God, I hope my dad changes his mind on splitting the cost because I have no money to pay for it." Because both God and my dad are awesome, my dad gave me the camera and said it's his gift for me!

I was so happy I just kept shouting "Thank you thank you thank you!"

What I love about the Canon PowerShot G9 is that it fits my current photography needs perfectly. I am not ready to take on an SLR and fully maximize its features (not to mention it is too bulky for me to use everyday) but I also find the standard point-and-shoot models a little too elementary.

The Canon PowerShot G9 is certainly one of the best compact cameras on the market that meets my in-between SLR and P&S camera needs. It is a very good creative tool for a consumer such as myself who thinks pretty much every moment should be immortalized in photographs. It gives me a an amazing number of creative options for good image production.

Haven't taken much photos yet but here are the first pictures I took with the camera while familiarizing myself with the manual.

They are nothing to brag about at this point. If any of you out there can point me to sites with great G9 tips and tricks, please let me know :-)


Unknown said...

Hi Samantha!

I, too, have just received my G9. I'm glad to see someone else is as excited as I am. BTW, your pictures look fantastic!

While looking for comments and reviews regarding the G9, I did find a nice blog called "Light Description" which is more or less dedicated to the G9.

I am also working my way through the manual, but decided to pick-up a book called the "Canon PowerShot Digital Field Guide", which, although is not exclusive to the G9, has a lot of pertinent information, and is *much* easier to read than the manual.



Samantha Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing the links! Really appreciate it. Excited to check it out now :-)

Anonymous said...

canon g9 digital and
Canon Powershot A640

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