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Thursday, March 20, 2008

An Instant Photo Booth

I always wanted a photo booth at my wedding but it was impossible to do so on a beach. Now that we had our second ceremony, I thought it was a perfect opporunity to have the booth I did not have at my first wedding.

Clique Booth is the best option but extremely expensive (starts at P15k). So I got one of my old Martha Stewart magazines and saw her D-I-Y version of a party photo booth.

She suggested on putting up a big piece of fabric that will serve as a back drop and put it against a wall. I got our bright yellow, queen-sized flat bed sheet for the back drop.

Kris and Malou brought a tripod to securely set the camera for photo taking. I got a lightweight printer from Cheya.

The photo booth is now up! The pictures are so cute don't you think?

Important tip: IRON the fabric and starch it! Mine was very wrinkly.


admin said...

wow, great work sam! congratulations again to you and rob haha. you guys are now officially my favorite couple and i've been reading your blogs, so you guys are my inspiration too :) more happy years to come!

Samantha Johnson said...

aww thank you kookie!

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