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Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Kids On The Block Are Back!

This might be the best news I have heard this year. Okay, maybe not the best but I am seriously thrilled. I skipped my junior prom to watch their concert here in Manila.. can you imagine? Yes I loved them that much. I would do anything to see if their mature bones are still flexible enough to dance to "The Right Stuff." My goodness, if they do a concert, their kids might be mortified. I don't care.. I am just so excited to see them together again.

Their official website is up and running again revealing hints of a comeback. Now, check out this article from the People website. It confirms that they are getting back together. This is way much better than a Spice Girls reunion.

I have a message for you Donnie, Jordan, Joey, Jonathan and Danny: please do a concert here in Manila!

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