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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Link Love: Blog Tips, Women in Ministry, Nashville, How We Respond, Adoption, God

I am so happy to find the time to write again on here and connect with all of you. One of the biggest things I miss sharing with readers is my roundup of favorite links I have stumbled upon the Web in the recent days.

Hope you find some (if not all) of these helpful!

The One Page of Your Blog That Everyone Wants to Read. Do you have a blog and need direction in optimizing your 'About Page'? I know for a fact that I do. Check this out and get some valuable tips.

I Am Not Different (and Neither Are You). I must say, if I can share every single blog post Christine Hoover writes, I would. She challenged me with these questions: Do you know how needy you are? And do you vocalize those needs? Do you allow the body of Christ to minister to you? When she implores, I understand.

Nashville. Nextville? NowVille! I love my current home city. It's been getting a lot of press lately. Read this and you will know why.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

How to Publish Your Book. Great (and really funny) infographic!

He made you this promise. Having a crazy day? This might help.

Dear Pastor Mark: Pontificate This. Sharing not to generate controversy but to express the grief I have felt several times when I see this famous pastor's tweets. I don't hate him but I do get brokenhearted when I don't see the spirit of kindness, gentleness, and self-control. Don't judge him. Pray for him. And most of all, examine our own selves -- we might be guilty of the very same thing.

Mark Driscoll is My New Best Friend. A very challenging perspective in relation to the previous link. The comments are just as thought-provoking.

The Useless Web. Need a 5-minute break from work? It will take you to funny and interesting places.

The Love Gives Way Story. Andy Brophy, the founder of Love Gives Way shares the story on how he started a community that helps in the recovery and restoration of sexually exploited people.

"He Smelled of Urine and Infection": On Adopting a Russian Orphan. Another adoption story that will leave you wrecked.

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