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Monday, January 7, 2013

True Love

I woke up this morning next to my husband. As I looked at his face in deep slumber, my insides pointed to only one state: I deeply love this human being.

It's been 2,144 days since I married Robert and have woken up next to him almost every morning of those 2,000+ days. One thing I can honestly tell you: I have felt the exact same love (if not more) on every morning that I have woken up next to him.

The kind of giddy love that one feels at the beginning of a blossoming relationship. Combine that giddly love with a much deeper one that can only come from doing life with someone for 10+ years (we met in December 2002).

It's the most incredible kind of human love.

My point is this: to be hopelessly in love with your husband after almost 6 years is possible. Whether you are a single lady waiting on your one true love or have been married for years -- it can be your love story too.

It is okay to want it because it is possible.

My heart for you today: may you be filled with hope and encouragement that a love like this exists and it can happen to you.

I will tell you why in my next blog post.


Rob Johnson said...

awwww babe. Thank you for this. The feeling is ___ Of OMAHA:-) haha

Thelma said...

I have decided I want this, too! I never really was sure. Now, I am. Pray for me!

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