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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today, I am trying to fight homesickness. 

I am happy where I am now but I am heavily burdened with two good reasons why I would like to be where my family is.

Happy Birthday Mommy! I miss you so much. 
A year and a half is just too long a time to be away from you.

Rest in peace, my grandfather who we all fondly call "Tata." 
It's too difficult not to be there to see you off.

No words to properly end this post. Just trying to put my emotional pieces back together. Nevertheless, I remain hopeful of the day I will see my family again.


Jonnique said...

Praying for you Sam. Can't wait to rejoice with you when you reunite with family and friends back home. And can't wait for you to blog about it!!!!

Samantha Johnson said...

You have such a sweet and kind heart Jonnique! God is so faithful in providing strength and grace!

By the way, Trisha made the most delicious spaghetti dinner 2 nights ago and she says that the recipe was from you :-) And it is true that the leftovers are so tasty!

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