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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy 32nd Birthday

You have the kindest, most compassionate heart that I know. You demonstrate it every single day out of pure love and devotion to Jesus. 

 There is no such thing as unpleasant in your eyes. Everyone is wonderfully made. 

You see them through the lenses of our Father. I am blown away at the fact that out of all the love you willingly give, you chose me to receive the it more than anyone else. 

 Everyday I want become a better person because I have the privilege of witnessing Christ-likeness through your example. For you, every minute is an opportunity to be like Him. 

 You are the same when you are with others and when you are in solitude. I thought I knew what integrity looked like until I saw you live your life when no one is looking – consistent, unaltered, unwavering. 

To you, there is no part to play, no role to perform. True and genuine at all times. 

You don’t try to change people. You love on them the way God told you to. 

You invest your heart in their stories. You pour your time in others selflessly. 

Why? Because you know they matter to God and therefore, they matter to you. And yes, while you don’t force change on them, I see changed lives because you made them feel what it’s like to be worthy of love.

Today, it's your life that I celebrate. Our wonderful Father is smiling down upon you and takes pride that He calls you His child.

Happy Birthday Robert!


irmaloveslife said...

This is soo sweet, Sam. You two are blessed to have each other. You really bring out the best in each of you.

Samantha Johnson said...

Thank you Irma!

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