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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Link Love: April 20, 2011

It's been a while since I shared some link love on this blog. I guarantee you that at least one of today's links will leave you feeling happy.

Free Executive Planner Download by Tip Junkie
The ultimate printable planner that includes worksheets like: Babysitter Instructions, Monthly Master Birthday List, Goals for the Week, Phone Numbers, Monthly Planner and Birthday Planner.

When Church is Too Good for Sinners by a deeper story
A very thought-provoking article that challenges churches to openly welcome sinners.

Salted Duck Egg and Tomato Salad by Ang Sarap
The true Filipino in me was extremely delighted to stumble upon this recipe. This is used as a side dish that usually accompanies fish.

Cyber Sabbath by (in)courage
An article talking about taking a 24-hour break from everything electronic and online. It encouraged me to go "unplugged" one day every week.

Dinner: A Love Story
A beautiful blog that aims to help homemakers find creative ways to put food on the family table.

Spring Topiaries by Bee In Our Bonnet
I wanted our little home to have some touches of spring. This DIY project is so easy and it did brighten up our place!

Becky Higgins
She is my 365 Project hero! Click on 'Products' and discover why.

My new favorite iPad app! The creators described this project as "a poignant glimpse of the true face of the human lifespan: 101 portraits of folks at every age, from mere weeks to a full century old."

The Tie Between Living Simply and Financial Peace by Simple Mom
Five ways on keeping the home simple and clutter-free. Consequently, this helps us manage our money better.

Liberty London + Nike Kicks by Black*Eiffel
I want a pair but I can't afford it!

Keeping book clutter off the bookshelf by Unclutterer
Thinking of going through your books as part of your spring cleaning process? A very helpful article for all of us.

10 Ways to Find Blogs You'll Love by Mashable
Ever wonder how I discover online content and you get a lot of link love?

Simple Salad Recipes for Spring by Blissfully Domestic
I love salads! Tried a couple of recipes from this blog post and I guarantee that you will be making them again and again!

Managing a Company Blog -- Dos and Dont's by BLOGGINGPRO
This blog taught me a lot of valuable lessons that I applied immediately at work.

How to Organize Every Room in Your House by casasugar
This guide helped me so much in getting our apartment situated.

Top 5 Things People Waste Money On by Beauty and the Budget
I love any article on overspending because I love saving. Happy to know that these items are something we can completely eliminate from our budget. Well, except for the occasional eating out.

How about you? Discovered any new blogs lately? 
Any interesting links to share?

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