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Friday, February 18, 2011

It's The Cheesiest Time Of The Year!

That's how a lot of people feel about Valentine's Day -- and I actually get why they do. It can be cliched. It can be over-the-top. Bottom line: I don't blame people if they decide to skip it altogether.

*Although I don't understand the need for arrogant and/or self-righteous comments that I occasionally hear. It saddens me when other people shoot down other people's choices. But that's just me!

But what I love about how God writes love stories is that He lovingly designs two people and bring them together to a fit. For example, Robert and I agree that it is perfectly okay to be cheesy and corny. It's great to have fun and be silly and romantic. I love that we use every excuse to do nice things for each other. While, Valentine's Day is not the only day we demonstrate love, we sure do take advantage of using the day's theme to celebrate our marriage.

Because of heavy traffic, overpriced meals and long waiting lines, we never leave the house on February 14th.  We prefer making dinner at home (we take turns in cooking every year) and go out and do something fun on another evening close to the 14th.

This year it was Robert's turn to make dinner! Yay! I love that he was very excited that this was his year to plan the evening. 

And then he surprised me with dancing lessons! It was so much fun because we did it with three other married couples from church.

Two nights later, the second part of our Valentine's date took place. Robert and I were big fans of the reality singing competition called The Sing-off.

The winners of the second season was the vocal R&B group Committed. If you have never heard of them, here is a video of my favorite performance on the show.

They had a show in Nashville at the Mercy Lounge and we enjoyed every minute of it! It took us back to our youth in the 90's when Boyz II Men and other R&B groups were really popular. It was a really fun evening. I took a ton of videos posted on my YouTube channel.

I want to hear from you:
How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?


gemma said...

hi Sammy! it's always a treat reading your blog. i'm so happy for you and rob :)

as for me, we had wine, lots of wine at barcino :)

Samantha Johnson said...

Hello Gemma! I am so glad that we have Internet, Facebook and our blogs -- because we manage to stay in touch no matter what season of life we are in.

So great to hear from you! Let's do wine and cheese when I visit Manila :-)

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