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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ministry Appreciation Month

As this beautiful autumn month ends, I wanted to share with you another "holiday" that seems to be overlooked by the very popular Harvest/Halloween festivities. October is a month dedicated to celebrating "Ministry Appreciation Month."

While I always maintain that ministry is a full-time lifestyle for every Bible-believing Christian, there are people in this world who are called to be ministers, missionaries, pastors, and church planters. These people wholeheartedly answer the call of our Father, sometimes risking financial and job security to be a servant to the Church.

I want to use this opportunity to thank specific people who have selflessly invested their lives and their time to build us up as we sought to deepen our relationship with Jesus. They went out of their way to equip us, support us, and most of all, love on us.

Thelma Bowlen
Before I even completely knew what it meant to be forgiven and be saved by grace, it was Thelma who courageously invited me (then a skeptic 28-year-old but genuinely wanted to seek Jesus) to a small group meeting and eventually sat down with me on-on-one to help me build my spiritual foundations.

Manny and Joy Muleta
The very first couple who have willingly mentored us to be better leaders and servants. They have always gone out of their way to include us in many family occasions. Pastor Manny is currently recovering from heart surgery. He has one of the biggest hearts I know so this makes me a little sad. Please include him in your prayers today.

Paolo and Jenn Punzalan
Pastor Paolo and Ate Jenn are our current spiritual leaders in our church in the Philippines. Robert and I love helping them in the evening services in Victory Christian Fellowship in Fort Bonifacio. I think they are doing such a wonderful job! Robert also meets with Pastor Paolo for coffee for personal accountability and discipleship. I love going to biweekly Tuesday brunches with Ate Jenn and a few other married ladies. I enjoy the fellowship, the stories shared and the prayers prayed.

Gary and Laurie Hoyt
Pastors Gary and Laurie Hoyt are the senior leaders of our home church here in Bellevue, Nebraska called Bellevue Christian Center. They are so kind to us and have been always supportive of our missions work in the Philippines.

Charlie and Felicia Burkett
Our time here in the United States gives us the opportunity to prepare ourselves for our calling to minister to young couples in the Philippines. We desire to learn as much as possible by being a part of journey groups for married couples. It is such a delight to learn from Charlie and Felicia. Their testimony is proof that God is nothing short of miraculous in healing marriages. We really enjoy their leadership and the company of other young married couples.

Walter and Melba Hooker
This fall, we joined a second journey group because we just want (and need!) to learn as much as we can on our time here. The Hookers lead a group with couples who are have been in marriage much longer than we have. Therefore, another opportunity to be equipped! They, too, have an amazing testimony.

I am grateful for the lives of these people. I will never forget how they have lovingly taught me what Jesus Christ did for me on the cross. I am glad that ministry is their way of life. I am humbled by their obedience to God's instruction.

For Ministry Appreciation Month, who are you grateful for helping you in your spiritual journey? 

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