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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Entrusting the Key: From Serial Dating to Joyful Waiting

Today, I am going to share a book written by a friend who is very close to my (and Robert's) heart. The title is compelling and I am about to read it this weekend.

First, let me tell you about Ali Smith. I met her while she was living in Manila, Philippines. We went to the same church and had the same friends.

I am the first to say that I am the most awkward at social conversations and I always admired her ability to instantly connect with people in any given situation. She is beautiful. athletic and has the biggest heart.

She is currently based in Singapore as a news anchor. I got the chance to interview her and allow her to tell you personally about the book she wrote.

1) What is the complete title of the book?
Entrusting the Key: From Serial Dating to Joyful Waiting

2) What is the book about?
In this book I share my journey of learning to let go of the reins of my love life and let God take control. Entrusting the Key to my heart to God during my season of singleness was a way of putting my full trust in Him, not only to protect my heart, but to prepare it for a season of marriage and ultimately to provide in this area of my life. I invite my readers into my journey of surrender in hopes that there will be bits of encouragement, wisdom, comfort (and humor!) to be found by any waiting soul.

3) What is the motivation behind the book?
I noticed that much of what I was going through during my season of being single, many other women were going through too. So I thought "Hey, why not share it?"

So that's what this book is - a compilation of journal entries, prayers, insights, and lessons I've learned during these past few years that stemmed from my own private journaling sessions and encounters with God. I don't claim to be a teacher, preacher or expert on the subject, just a fellow traveler on the same road as my readers.

4) Who are your expected readers of this book?
I write for the single Christian woman (age 18-40+) but I truly think there is something for everyone: male, female, young, old, single or married. Anyone who has a desire to be close to God and led by Him in every area of life.

5) Where can we get a copy of the book?
It's out at most major book stores in Singapore so far. OMF in Manila has graciously agreed to distribute the book in the Philippines, though the details are still being worked out.

It can also be ordered on the Campus Crusade website:

You can keep informed on updates regarding the book on Facebook:

Or on my blog:

6) I believe (correct me if I am wrong) that the book benefits NingNing Foundation. Can you talk more about the foundation?
A portion of the proceeds from every book sold goes toward NingNing Philippines Education Fund. I set up the fund after I moved from Manila to Singapore as a way of staying connected to a group of little girls I grew to know and love during the two years I lived in the Philippines.

They come from a very poor slum community with little or no opportunity to pursue education past high school level. That's what the fund was created to do: provide a way for these girls to pursue their dreams of going to college.

"NingNing" means sparkle/shine/glow/glitter in the Filipino language, so the mission of the fund is to transform underprivileged youth into (sparkling, shining, glittering and glowing) productive members of the community through college scholarships.

The fund is currently supporting four scholars through college and will continue taking on graduates from the same slum community as they come of age. For more information, check out:

Update: If you live in Manila and would like to buy a copy of the book, Ali Smith will be speaking at Union Church's "Station One" young adults' fellowship on Tuesday, September 14th at 7:30pm. It meets at the Basement 2 of Union Church Manila. Books will be available for sale that evening.

If you have any questions on the book or the author, please leave it on the Comments Section. Blessings upon you today!

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