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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For The Love of Leggings!

I love anything that brings comfort. If we are friends on Facebook or have been following my Picasa online photo albums, you will see that I am a lover of "comfort food."

I am also a a big, big fan of "comfort clothing." While most of us will probably think of old pajamas or a big, soft sleep shirt when we hear that phrase, I am talking about that one piece of item that I always go to when I need to pull together an outfit that looks fantastic without having to try too hard.

In my case, it's the classic black leggings. And everyone say "Hooray!"

Here are reasons why I have about 20 pairs of them in my closet.

  • It slims my heavier bottom frame.
  • It provides balance (I have a fairly small facial structure and neck) to my overall frame.
  • It matches pretty much any top out there!
  • It goes well with a wide range of styles. From athletic to dressy.
  • Way more elegant than everyone's favorite bottom: jeans. I like a great pair of jeans but not all the time.
  • Perfect for the hot weather (and from where I'm from, it's all-year-around!)
  • No muffin top! Black leggings does a great job of controlling it.
  • The illusion of longer legs!
  • With a loose top, it withstands buffet dinners.
  • Great to wear when running errands or shopping for clothes.

I really, really hope that leggings stick around for a while. It's been back longer than I expected it would be and I am thrilled.

I want to hear from you. What is your absolute favorite piece of clothing item?


valerie said...

Great post!
Leggings are pretty high up there - they're my #2-go-to when my dresses are getting tired.

My #1 is a good old cotton sundress.
Throw it on with a sweater, jean jacket, or no cover-up & it works. Sandals, flats, wedges (EVEN the right boots).
For my body & style nothin' beats the easy summer dress.

Jonnique said...

Hey Sam,
I some how fell upon your blog. I am so so happy I did. It is so great! I love leggings too but my very favorite is black stretch workout pants. They are so comfortable when working out or just when I am chasing JJ all day:)

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