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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Twilight on a Saturday Afternoon

This story has been all over my Facebook page but I thought of sharing it here because chances are, you are a Twilight fan.

My husband Robert had to attend a sports camp last Saturday. He had to leave the house 6am and was planning to spending the entire day being part of it.

I decided that it would be the perfect day to sit all day in Borders and catch up on my reading. I have my favorite brown leather couch there that I was looking forward to be in.

Fast forward into the story. There I was, sitting down and enjoying my awesome quiet day. And then I feel some minor commotion going on around me.

I asked a Borders employee what was going on. She told me that Peter Facinelli is in for a cup of coffee. He is in town for a meet and greet event in an amphitheater nearby.

Okay, that explains the unusual gathering of females (although there was really just about 20 clever ladies who decided to "stalk" him instead of waiting by the amphitheater in the scorching weather).

Then I saw him right in front of me. I have become familiar seeing PF as Dr. Carlisle Cullen looking like this.

I suddenly thought of my Mom who is biggest fan of the Twilight series that I know. Now I had to take a picture of him!

Only there were a couple of little problems. First, to have a picture with him will cost $65 (the mall's policy on the whole meet and greet thing) -- which I am definitely not willing to pay for. Second, the camera was with Robert because of that sports camp.

I decided to ask the lady beside me (who was taking pictures from her Blackberry) if she can bluetooth just one picture to me so that I can give it to my mom. She said she doesn't have bluetooth. Okaaay ...

So I asked another lady. And she was nice enough to email it to me from her phone. This is the picture that she took.

A few hours later, Robert finally arrived to pick me up from Borders. I was happy to see that PF was still out in the amphitheater and women were still lining up to get his autograph and photo.

I quickly grabbed my ever reliable Canon G9 and started snapping away. A lot of my female friends "appreciated" the pictures I took -- and I don't blame them. He is indeed a good-looking fella.

Enjoy the photos ladies! Eclipse is opening really soon. Are you going to be in line at midnight to be one of the first to see the movie? I might wait a couple of weeks!


MOMSWEB said...

Knock, knock! Just dropping by your bloghome and perusing a few of your post. I enjoyed myself! Have a great week and holiday weekend!

Samantha Johnson said...

Thank you so much for dropping by! You have a joyful and blessed week :-)

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