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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boys Town

Staying in Omaha for a while gives me a chance to discover new places and appreciate new things. I made a mental note that the Village of Boys Town will be one of the first places I must visit.

I have heard so much about the historic campus and how it saved lives of many kids who thought they had no future. Let me share with you a brief history of Boys Town (re-posting this part from the website).

In 1917, a young, immigrant priest from Ireland had grown discouraged in his work with transient, homeless men in Omaha, Nebraska. So in December of that year, Father Edward J. Flanagan borrowed $90 from a friend to pay the rent on a drafty, downtown Victorian boardinghouse that became his first home for boys. Father Flanagan’s Home for Boys welcomed all boys, regardless of their race or religion, and youngsters from all over Omaha and beyond began showing up at the doorstep.

Read the rest of the history here.

Today, a person with a vision, a heart and $90 started a movement that continues to run programs and services to children in need. I just love stories like this!

If you have plans on visiting the village, make sure your first stop is at the Visitors Center. Maps are available so that you know your way around. You can tour the entire place on your own absolutely free-of-charge.

Walking through the village is such a pleasure seeing all the trees!

Loved the timely reminder :-)

If there is just one facility that you must visit, please go to the Hall of History. You will find the detailed evolution of Boys Town. You will be inspired -- trust me!

If you want a sneak peak of our visit, check out the slide show below.

And God is glorified as more kids start dreaming and thinking of limitless possibilities!

Information on Boys Town:
137th & W Dodge Rd
Omaha, NE 68010
Toll-Free: (800) 625-1400
Phone: (402) 498-1140
Alt. Phone: (800) 625-1400
National Historic Landmark. Visit the Hall of History, Visitors Center and the Father Flanagan House to get a first-hand look at the world-famous Village established by Father Flanagan. See where our children live, work, play and pray while building successful futures. Visit for more information. Accessible.


admin said...

there's a place just like this - it's somewhere in cavite (i think) on the way to tagaytay.

Samantha Johnson said...

I wonder if both places are affiliated with each other?

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