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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Link Love: May 2010

Another new series! A compilation of links that I absolutely loved. You might like them too!

How to Have a Garage Sale by Creating a House of Grace
- Loaded with information on how to approach this huge task. Her knack for organization is so inspiring to me!

Seven Habits of Highly Evangelistic Christians by Josh Harris
- Harris talks about valuable insights by Lifeway's President / CEO Thom Rainer. Encouraged me to take a good look at myself and what I am doing in fulfilling The Great Commission.

Meet Sandra Bullock's Baby Boy! by People
- I love Sandy. I felt really bad about what she went through these past couple of months. Today, I am overjoyed to know she adopted a little one. I hope this also sends an encouragement to families to go ahead and adopt.

What Have You Got to Complain About? by Michael Hyatt
- Hyatt talks about the touching story of Patrick Henry Hughes. The best 6 minutes of your spare time.

If Someone Would Offer me $200,000, I’d Leave the Ministry Right Away by Monday Morning Insight
- A recent study by Tufts University with very sobering results.

What Ever Happened to the Little Vietnamese Girl in the Photo? by Neatorama
- Remember that famous war photo by Nick Ut in 1972? Find out how the girl is doing today.

4 Must-Dos for Summer Hair by Stylist
- How to prevent your hair from experiencing sun damage.

8 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About E-mail by Seth Godin
- A little refresher course to everyone who sends e-mail -- which means it's really, truly for everyone.

Eric Dane Shows Off Baby Billie...and His Abs! by E! Online
- McSteamy releases a photo of his McBaby.

Lime Yogurt Cake with Blackberry Sauce by Smitten Kitchen
- I love a tart dessert any given day. A recipe I plan to follow real soon.

Having a Big Fight Right Before Church by Stuff Christians Like
- Another funny post from a really funny blog. It has happened to me once and I know it!

Tripp and Tyler Visit Donald Miller on YouTube
- Everyone wants to be author Don Miller's best friend. I know I do. Tripp and Tyler do too. However, when they visited Don -- things did not go quite well. Super funny!

Who Did God Wire You To Be? by Bob Goff
- Restore International's CEO finally started blogging. This entry proves that his blog will be an essential part of my daily reading.

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