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Monday, May 17, 2010

Link Love: May 2010 (Part 2)

Another batch of informative, funny, entertaining, worthwhile links that you might want to check out!

Standing Together by a minute with rice
- Bethel World Outreach Center's senior pastor Rice Broocks' brief statement about overcoming the recent flooding in Nashville. He is also the co-founder of Every Nation -- the worldwide organization where my church (Victory Christian Fellowship) belongs to.

Cross-Cultural Beef Steak by The Beloved
- A twist to the classic Filipino beef steak by good friend Liz Tokushige, a Filipino wife and mother currently based in Hawaii.

What To Do When You Fall Off the Organized Wagon (And You Will) by unclutterer
- What to do when order falls apart in your life by one of my favorite organizing blogs.

Dear Mama by On Fire
- My husband's heartfelt Mother's Dat tribute to my mother-in-law, Linda.

John Mackey's Letter by What's it Worth
- My friend David Bonifacio shares a letter written by Whole Foods founder John Mackey to his employees. Don't you wish you worked for a boss like that?

Hyperbole and a Half
- A new blog on my RSS reader. Very funny text and illustrations. My only wish is that posts are more frequent.

My Two Seasons
- Another new blog I'm following. The author is Michelle Johnson who loves all things I love: photography, nature and family!

My Mother is No Exception by In The Name Of Love
- I love following Bianca Juarez. I absolutely loved this Mother's Day tribute.

8 Lessons for Creating Social Impact by Kem Meyer
- I great article shared by one of the best church communicators today.

What About Drinking? by Paolo Punzalan
- My pastor talks about exactly how I feel about drinking.

You Rule! by Bee In Our Bonnet
- A clever and easy craft project that shows appreciations to teachers. I love crafts and anything that honors our educators.

Merry Martha
- A brand new blog on food, entertainment, and hospitality by my good friend Camille Ocampo. Loving and learning from her posts!

Cocoon by Les M Design
- I want this cocoon now! Perfect for evenings catching up on my recorded TV shows.

Charice Covers Bieber! by Perez Hilton
- If you love Charice, you will appreciate this video of her singing a Justin Bieber song.

Kindle vs. iPad - A Review and Evaluation by
- Still undecided on what to gadget to get? Tim Challies gives an excellent demo and evaluation.

Note: Here is the Part 1 of Link Love for May.


Liz said...

aww thanks for the link! i am learning from your other links too. reading and learning from other blogs is just awesome! :)

Samantha Johnson said...

You're welcome Liz! I've been meaning to ask you -- would you like to do a guest post on this blog? :-)

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