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Thursday, May 6, 2010's "Like" Page on Facebook

I have been wanting to increase the reach of this blog through a Facebook page. However I never felt comfortable with the phrase "Become a Fan" -- so I decided not do it until something better comes up.

Now that Facebook has unveiled a new feature to the "fan" section of its site, I started one yesterday.

The terminology "Become a Fan" is now replaced with a "Like" button -- something I am much more comfortable with. Therefore, if you "like" this blog, I humbly invite you to check out's page on Facebook.

Click on the "Like" button and you will get quick updates, newly discovered links, photos, videos and important thoughts that I would like to share with you. I have so many insights and ideas that go through my mind that do not necessarily warrant a full-length blog entry. I hope to discuss them with you through this page.

If you have your own "Like" page to share with me, please let me know! I already like you a lot anyway :-)

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