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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cafe by the Ruins

It's been family tradition to eat our first Baguio meal in Cafe by the Ruins -- an enduring favorite. Enjoy the photos we took of this place on a trip last week.

Kesong puti cheese sticks with tinapa bits

Beef sinigang

Spicy bangus with mountain rice

Fresh lumpia

Crispy tapa with mountain rice

They also have a lot of organic products that may be bought to take home. Pleasant discovery: Cordillera Heirloom ground coffee is very good!

I love how this place continues to nurture local art and culture. The food is as good as I remembered. The only observation that day that needs improvement is the waiting time for the ordered food to come out. Ours took twenty minutes! Good thing it was worth the wait.

Café by the Ruins, 23 Chuntug, Baguio City
Tel. 442-4010 / 446-4010 Fax. 442-5272


thammiesy said...

yay! tamang-tama, we're going there next week...we'll try this place! :)

Den Relojo said...

I hope I could check out this place the next time I visit Baguio.

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