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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Birthday Thank You

Enough about the cell phone drama first. Ever since I started this blog, I made a personal commitment that this will be place of happy thoughts, faith-building, and encouragement. If there was something sad to write about it must be something that affected me on many levels.

The awful customer service encounter I had with SMART Communications warrants a blog entry but I just don't have the energy right now to re-live every horrific detail.

Today, I just want enjoy the blessings God has placed in my life especially these past three weeks. I celebrated my 34th birthday last February 25th.

I don't do big parties. I feel like I don't get to spend time with everyone. But I love several little get-togethers with different groups of friends. I feel like time spent is much more valuable in intimate settings.

I am really blessed to have gotten the chance to spend time with my closest friends in the past three weeks in celebration of my birthday. To those who are close to me, they know that I feel most loved when friends want to have quality time with me.

Dinner at the women's life group that I lead

Dinner with college best friends in You Jie Xiao Chao

Dinner with Robert in Brazil Brazil

Watched RENT the musical with Robert

Had my favorite Dulcelin mango torte given by my sister Maia

Had another dessert favorite: Red Ribbon ube cake given by my parents

Spent with closest friends from high school: Irma, Cathy and Aileen

I also tasted the best cassava cake I ever had. Thank you Cathy!

Had a birthday get-together and make-up lessons with my Tuesday brunch small group

Had dinner with my other best friends Maricar and Charms. Maricar cooked a wonderful meal!

I am so grateful that I was able to spend time with people who mean the world to me. I also cherish all the cards, texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, and gifts that I received. 

Thank you Monique, Rhea, Maia, Mom, Irma, Cathy, Charms, Ganns, Dennese, Jeff, Camille, and Tristan for the lovely and thoughtful presents! Words cannot express how blessed I am by your gesture!

Please pray with me as I start this 34th year of my life. God has been faithful and loving. My desire is to always seek His will in all things -- big and small. And when He is clear with me with His will, I just want to follow Him completely.

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irmaloveslife said...

You're most welcome, Sam!! You truly deserve that many birthday celebrations. You are special, not just to me, but to a whole lot of people.

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