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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tutti Frutti

I talked about Orchard Road in the previous entry. But our lovely afternoon did not end there. We wanted to try something new for dessert too!

We saw a sign of a new yogurt place in SM Mega Mall called Tutti Frutti. We wanted to see what was different about this frozen yogurt.

For starters, the buying process is different. It's a self-serve environment. You get a cup, get as much yogurt as you want and then they weigh it. You are free to combine flavors and toppings.

I decided to try flavors that aren't available in other frozen yogurt places: almond and taro!

Taro is suddenly my new favorite flavor! Almond is good too but will probably taste better with lychee toppings.

Tutti Frutti is found at the 4th floor of The Atrium in SM Mega Mall.

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