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Monday, February 8, 2010

Checklist: Fashion Essentials for the Beach

I have mentioned in my fitness blog that Robert and I will be heading to the beach in a few weeks. A first in over two years!  Here is my go-to checklist every time I pack for a tropical vacation.

This is not, by any means, the IT list for beach packing. There is no such thing because every person is different.

There are so many similar checklists out there on the web that claim to be the "essential" list but I rarely believe in them.  I see them more as an inspirational source as I customize my own in the current season of my life.

However, bringing these fashion items in my suitcase works for me every time. You might need this as a guide to help you build your own fool-proof packing list.

I strongly recommend that you develop own our personalized guide so that getting ready for your next summer getaway is easier.

Two sets of swim suits
A minimum of two sets is needed especially if you are the beach for multiple days

Swimsuit cover-up

Rubber flip-flops
It's best to bring a color that matches both sets of swimsuits

A large-sized beach tote
Get one with a sturdy zipper to prevent sand from getting into your bag
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A maxi dress for the evening
I like looking well-groomed and put-together on evenings at the beach.

Evening beach jewelry
I love the glamorous beach look

Evening beach sandals
I like "proper" footwear in the evening
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A pair of sunglasses
A must for every beach trip!

What are your beach getaway essentials?


Rezza Custodio said...

Aside from the stuff you mentioned above, I need to also bring the ff:

1) Sunblock and facial moisturizer
2) Tanning oil (Hawaiian Tropic's Royal Tanning Blend FTW!)
3) Packing cubes (to segregate the wet stuff)
4) spray cologne (some beach-y, summery scent)
5) beach mat/towel/sarong - to either lie down on, or cover me up in case the cover up is too flimsy to protect me when the wind turns chilly
6) Body lotion - because my skin tends to dry out

Because of this list I'm excited to hit the beach already! Thanks Sam! :D

Samantha Johnson said...

Hi Rezza!

Watch out for my beauty checklist for the beach in the coming days :-)

irmaloveslife said...

This is very timely as we are heading to the beach this weekend. Thanks Sam!

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