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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6: The Gratitude Challenge

Have you seen the movie Slumdog Millionaire? I watched that movie while I was in the United States.

In that environment, that world seemed like a million miles away to a lot of people. But in my heart, it just opened my eyes again and saw how real those scenes were in Manila.

This brings me to a story of a beautiful little girl who always knocks on our car window for money when we drive through Julia Vargas Avenue. I cannot disclose her name at this time because I am currently researching on who she works for.

She is my favorite face to see when our car stops on that street. I know life has been hard on her but she is always smiling -- so delighted to be alive.

Since we got back in Manila, I haven't seen her at all and had left me wondering a few times what happened to this precious little girl.

Two nights ago, once again on Julia Vargas -- I saw a little piece of sunshine on a dark, Tuesday night.  It was my favorite little girl!

This time, she was with a blind, old man. I asked her how she has been doing and who is the man walking with her.

She said she really has no idea. Her "boss" just asked them to walk together and what it obviously a ploy to get more sympathy out of the city drivers.

I showed her my tiny clutch and told her that I purposely didn't bring my wallet that evening because I was on my way to two parties. I promised to give her a Christmas gift the next time I see her.

She said it's okay and she wanted to give me a Christmas present instead. She took off the headband made of faux pearls that she was wearing and gave it to me. She wanted me to have it so I will always remember her.

I couldn't help but cry at her loving gesture.  I thank God for opportunities to engage in people daily.  Often times, it is so easy to walk and away and ignore people that we cross paths with.

I am grateful to Him for bringing people into my life that teach me what it's like to truly give and to truly love.  I thank the gentle whisper of the Holy Spirit that urges me to respond even when my initial reaction is to look away.


Anonymous said...

wow.. it almost reminds me of the widow who gave all the money she got. i bet that headband meant a lot to her and yet she took it off and gave it to you. amazing generous heart...

dennis poliquit

jeffbacons said...

Thank you for sharing this. :)

*poink* said...

huwaahh... *tears* made me cry at work! =,) so sweet. thanks for such a beautiful post.

Samantha Johnson said...

Yes! The widow parable will always be one of my favorite Bible stories.

Jeff and Dianne: you're welcome!

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