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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21: The Gratitude Challenge

As this challenge concludes today, I would like to list down 21 things that I am grateful for.  Things that did not get its well-deserved spotlight in the duration of the challenge.

1)  A nice, cozy, apartment that we love going home to

2)  My Dell 1525 Inspiron laptop that has been serving me oh so well

3)  Our good and kind landlady

4)  Daily opportunities to learn how to cook

5)  All my clothes, shoes and purses!

6)  Knowing who my true friends are and I am keeping them for life!

7)  Working from home full-time

8)  Our car with a new engine

9)  Travelling with my husband to many places

10)  All the books I get to read everyday

11)  The ability to make my own choices

12)  For all the dreams that God puts in my heart

13)  All the laughter I experience everyday.  It comes with the territory of marrying a funny husband!

14)  Technology and instant communication

15)  Being able to sleep well every night

16)  For those rare moments that a friend calls, checks how I am doing and wants to spend time with me

17)  That I have healthy, thick, easy-to-manage hair

18)  That I am unique and special in God's eyes

19)  That I am not spoiled but has been taught about responsibility and consequences early on

20)  For the person that I am today

21)  That I am alive, well, and healthy

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It Is Written said...

Yey! Congratulations. We did it!

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